On the former Zmaj factory site, AFI Europe Serbia is expanding the boundaries of the Serbian capital. The first phase of construction of the business complex called AFI City Zmaj, covering an area of ​​27,449 square meters, began in 2021. AFI City Zmaj represents our latest project, designed to bring a completely new concept that stands out from the crowd in the market. Construction will be carried out in two phases, during which five office buildings will be built. Our goal is to meet the specific needs we have identified while following a proven methodology and applying the rich knowledge and experience gained through previous successful projects. The first phase of construction was completed in May 2023. It is important to note that tenants have the option to customize their workspace, providing them with absolute freedom to tailor the work environment to their needs and those of their employees. This flexibility ensures that every business entity can create an environment that best supports its unique operational needs and enhances the productivity and prosperity of its employees. With a distance of just 13 minutes drive to the airport (10.5 km), 17 minutes to the city center (9 km), and only 100 meters to the train station, AFI City Zmaj offers unparalleled convenience and connectivity to key locations. Additionally, facilities include special amenities such as bicycle parking with chargers for electric bikes and cars,
phone chargers in the park, as well as spaces for activities such as chess and many other conveniences.

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