After entering the Serbian market in 2004, AFI Europe Serbia added to its portfolio the construction of the first and largest business park in Serbia, called Airport City Belgrade. Covering an area of ​​150,000 square meters, 12 buildings house 140 national and international companies. Airport City has 3,200 parking spaces. Presenting itself as a kind of urban jewel, this complex combines everything you need in one place. From exclusive cafes and restaurants with lavish menus, through banking services, supermarkets, and rent-a-car services, to practical locations such as newsstands, car washes, pharmacies, and private health clinics. The latest construction technologies have been applied here, with absolute dedication to the satisfaction and needs of our tenants. In the years to come, this park will continue to expand with the construction of three new buildings within the business boulevard. The first phase has already begun, with the completion of the project’s three new buildings expected in early 2025. With its exceptional working conditions, Airport City Belgrade gives the business a new dimension, completely redefining the work environment and opening a secure path to further success for your company.

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