AFI Europe Serbia adds another prestigious complex to its portfolio, Skyline Belgrade, located on one of Belgrade’s main streets – Kneza Miloša Street, representing the third major project of this renowned investor. This residential and business complex consists of three modernly designed towers intended for both business and private purposes. The first tower is residential and has 134 residential units, with its construction completed in 2019. The central and tallest tower in the complex is called the Skyline AFI Tower and has 31 floors. As the most modern office building in this part of Europe, Skyline AFI Tower welcomed its first companies into new offices at the end of 2022. The third tower, named AFI Home Skyline, is a residential tower offering fully equipped luxury apartments for rent. Its construction began in early 2022, with the project expected to be completed in 2024. Skyline represents the epitome of a modern and secure home, enriched with a spa & gym area equipped with a gym and the largest pool in Belgrade. Additionally, families can enjoy the park Tri Ključa, creating harmony between nature and urban life. Residents have the privilege of using the services of restaurants, bars, and shops located at Skyline Piazetta, further enhancing their living experience in this complex. All these elements are carefully integrated to create a unique whole, with each playing a key role in shaping the resident’s experience. An apartment in the Skyline complex is not just a home or a symbol of luxury but also a smart and secure investment in the quality of life and the future. The mural “Life” adorns the entrance of the residential and business complex Skyline Belgrade, represents the author’s work of the artist Ivona Pleskonja. According to the author herself, this mural celebrates the unity of life and the connection of all creatures on the planet, adding depth and inspiration to the entire Skyline ambience.

Skyline Belgrade